We're a large organisation and when you join us, even as a volunteer, there are a few steps you'll have to take:
  1. complete a short application form
  2. attend an informal interview to check your skills and abilities to make sure we match you to the right role
  3. vetting - we'll ask for personal, family and financial details
  4. you'll be given an identity pass
  5. complete an e-learning training package so you understand the security issues around data, police premises and personnel
  6. you'll take further in-house, computer-based and hands-on training to meet the needs of your placement.
We'll aim to carry out the above, with the exception of issuing your pass, at a location that suits you. The whole process can take six to eight weeks, but it depends on a range of factors.
If we're oversubscribed and can't offer you a volunteer placement in your local community, we'll refer you to a like minded partner organisation, such as Kent Search and Rescue or South East 4X4 Response.