In the last 25 years policing has changed; crimes have changed; society has changed, it has become more diverse, there are a lot more different communities and we need to ensure we understand what their needs and expectations are so we can provide them with the best support we can.

In my career I’ve dealt with a large number of complex and serious investigations, both within Kent and at a higher level, crossing over to other counties and areas of the UK.

The job has changed; our equipment has changed making us feel safer on the streets, and society has changed - but the principle of policing has never changed. We are here to protect those who need protecting and lock up those who cause harm. That hasn’t changed from 25 years ago - when I joined - to today.

We are the only force in the country which has been graded as outstanding for the last four years for the way we treat people, including our own officers and staff, by the independent policing inspectorate.

In 2019 one of our staff support groups, won the Presidential Award at the National Black Police Association Conference - recognising its contribution to advancing racial equality for many years.