With over 100 active airfields, small airports and 350 miles of
coastline and waterways, Kent provides a convenient gateway to and beyond the South East.

If you live, work or relax in these areas you will instantly notice anything unusual or different. Reporting suspicious activity could help to combat crime and terrorism.

Your role…

If you see any activity or behaviour you think is suspicious in these areas, you can:

Have you seen?

  • Crew who show signs of nervousness or a lack of awareness of protocols and customs.
  • Vessels with unusual modification or minor damage.
  • Increased activity at isolated coastal locations or at unusual times of the day.
  • Attempts to signal to vessels offshore or guide them into an unusual landfall.
  • Strange patterns of payment, such as large amounts of cash.
  • People testing site security or an unusual interest in site structures and wharfs.

What to look out for

  • attempts to test or research security around an
  • packages being dropped from low-flying planes
  • individuals buying equipment, chemicals, uniforms, badges
  • people in the wrong place or behaving oddly
  • an odd pattern of aircraft hirings
  • club-hopping by non-local pilots linked to attempts to reach distant destinations
  • signs of disguised continuation flights or deviations from plan
  • strange or fraudulent patterns of payment

Do you live or work by the sea?

Being local means you are well placed to spot anything unusual. Find out more about Project Kraken.

Do you live or work near an airfield?

Find out more about what to look for in these areas, Project Pegasus

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